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101 Internet Marketing Job Descriptions

I am often asked what types of internet marketing jobs my executive search firm can fill.  Good question, since the online marketing realm has fractured a great deal since the 1990s, and internet marketing is becoming ever-more specialized.  Basically, there's no typical job description.

Following is a list of internet marketing jobs that are in my executive search firm's strike zone.  We have filled many of these positions and worked on searches for countless others.  We know the territory, including new media -- and we have written dozens of internet marketing job descriptions.

I realize the list looks inflated.  However, due to the newness of the online marketing function, there is little consistency among companies and industries regarding what an internet marketing job should be called.  Therefore, an Online Marketing Manager job description is often identical to a Director of Internet Marketing job description -- even though the job titles are different.

If you are looking to fill any one of these internet marketing jobs (or just need a free copy of an internet marketing job description), we should talk.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Manager
  2. Analyst, Internet Strategy
  3. Associate Director, Web Communications
  4. AVP, Interactive Marketing and New Media
  5. Business Analyst - Ecommerce
  6. Business Analyst - Web Analytics
  7. Business Development Manager
  8. Business Intelligence Manager - Internet Usage
  9. Ecommerce Communication Manager
  10. Consumer Acquisition Manager
  11. Content Analyst
  12. Social Content and New Media Specialist
  13. Corporate Web Project Manager
  14. Direct to Consumer Marketing Specialist
  15. Director of Internet Marketing
  16. Director of Consumer Marketing
  17. Director of Affiliate Marketing
  18. Director of Online Business Development
  19. Director of Business Intelligence
  20. Director of Online Merchandising
  21. Director of Search Technology
  22. Director of Web Analytics & Customer Loyalty
  23. Director of Web Analytics & Optimization
  24. Director of Web Marketing
  25. Director, Digital Media
  26. Director, Digital Relationship Marketing
  27. Director, eMarketing Strategy
  28. Director, Internet Development
  29. Director, Marketing Analytics
  30. Director, Online Analytics
  31. Director, Online Sales and Marketing
  32. Director, Web Analytics
  33. Director, Web Marketing
  34. Director, Web Research & Analytics
  35. Director, Web Services
  36. Manager of Web Experience
  37. eBusiness Leader
  38. Email Marketing Manager
  39. Group Manager, Interactive Marketing
  40. Interactive Marketing Analyst
  41. Internet Marketing Analyst
  42. Internet Operations Coordinator
  43. Internet Services Manager
  44. Manager, Online Media Analytics
  45. Manager, Online User Experience
  46. Manager, Web Site Measurement
  47. Marketing Communications Manager
  48. Marketing Manager, Strategy & New Channel Development
  49. Online Marketing Manager
  50. Online Merchandising Manager
  51. Paid Search Operations Manager
  52. Portal Product Manager
  53. Portfolio Mgr. Web Analytics & Search
  54. Product Development Manager
  55. Product Director, e-Marketing
  56. Online Product Planner
  57. Search Engine Marketing Specialist
  58. Senior Analytics Consultant
  59. Senior Director, Research and Analytics
  60. Senior E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator
  61. Senior Manager of E-Commerce
  62. Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
  63. Senior Manager, Web Metrics
  64. Senior Marketing Project Manager
  65. Senior Marketing Statistician
  66. Senior Metrics Analyst
  67. Senior Online Marketing Analyst
  68. Senior Online Marketing Specialist
  69. Senior Web Analyst
  70. Senior Web Analytics Consultant
  71. Specialist, Online Communications
  72. Sr Manager, Research and Analysis
  73. Sr. Manager - Internet Advertising
  74. Sr. Manager - Online Analytics
  75. Sr. Manager, Web Analytics
  76. SVP, Digital Media Analytics
  77. Team Leader, Web Marketing
  78. User Experience Analyst
  79. Vice President, Client Services
  80. Vice President, Digital Media Analytics
  81. Vice President, Marketing
  82. VP and General Manager, eCommerce
  83. VP Client Service and Analytics
  84. VP of eCommerce
  85. VP Marketing and Products
  86. VP of Information Systems
  87. VP of Online Marketing
  88. VP of Internet Marketing
  89. VP, Product Development
  90. Web Analyst
  91. Web Analytics Manager
  92. Web Analytics Program Manager
  93. Web Communications Manager
  94. Web Content Specialist
  95. Web Development Manager
  96. Web Marketing Manager
  97. Web Metrics Analyst
  98. Web Metrics Strategy
  99. Web Performance Analyst
  100. Web Project Leader
  101. Website Reporting Analyst

This list does not include any of the catalog marketing jobs or database marketing jobs we handle.  Those would include ...

  • Catalog Marketing Manager
  • Catalog Marketing Director
  • Database Marketing Director
  • Database Marketing Manager
  • Direct Mail Marketing Manager
  • Direct Marketing Manager
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communication Director
  • Marketing Communication Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Director
  • Market Research Manager
  • Marketing Services Director
  • Marketing Services Manager
  • Product Marketing Director
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Program Marketing Director
  • Program Marketing Manager
  • Relationship Marketing Manager
  • Retail Marketing Manager
  • Strategic Marketing Manager
  • VP of Database Marketing
  • VP of Direct Mail Marketing
  • VP of Direct Marketing
  • VP of Marketing and Advertising
  • VP of Marketing Communication
  • VP of Marketing Research
  • VP of Marketing Services
  • VP of Marketing Strategy
  • VP of Online Merchandising
  • VP of Product Marketing

If you are a hiring manager looking to fill one of these positions (or simply need a free internet marketing job description), call me at (678) 795-0900.  Or click here to send me an email.

And if you are a candidate who's open to new internet marketing job opportunities, click here to download my contact information.

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102. Web Marketer (the title on my current business card)

This is really very stunning. I just realized that there are many jobs in mraketing. However, I can't seem to differentiate one from another.

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